Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I register if I am a student still?

Yes, indeed. It is good to start preparing for your project in advance of your graduation. When you register, you will get emails from us updating you on our program.

2. How soon after I register will I get my money?

After you register you will need to send us your completed Business Plan Questionnaire. If you think through your plan carefully we will approve it faster, so that part is up to you. After we approve it there may be a short wait because we are only promoting 12 projects at a time. When yours is uploaded to Funding Ghana Graduates Today we will all work hard to get friends, family and associates to donate. As soon your target is reached we will release the cash to you.

2. Do I have to pay the money back?

No. The first phase funding is by donation only. It is a gift to you. However, we stress the importance of thanking your donors and communicating with them regularly to engage them in your journey. That is their reward.

3. Who will be assigned as my mentor?

We will choose someone who is relatively close to you and who understands your business plan.

4. What reports will I be required to send?

Your mentor will work with you to set up your financial systems so that you can track your business and generate reports that we will use to gauge how you are going and to tell the world of your successes.

5. What if I need more money?

You and your mentor will analyze your progress and if there is a need for more money you can launch a new campaign. But, you need a good story so that people can see you are genuinely advancing your business.

6. Will it cost me anything?

While it is free to launch your campaign, fees are deducted from each subscription. Learn more about pricing and fees here.

For other questions please contact us at