Sustainable Rice Growing and Production

Benjamin Tawiah here. I am graduate of Kumasi Technical University in computer science. I into agribusiness and wish to start farming rice for my local community. I have 3 acres of land. I am confident that I can produce a high-quality product and gain local recognition through exceptional customer service.

Benjamin Tawiah: Rice Growing and Production

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Project Objectives

I am planning to buy 3 acres of land that are already being used for rice production. I will continue to farm rice and to process it for sale direct to consumers. The package sizes will be small so that it is more convenient for storage, and direct shipment to consumers.

I am very keen to adopt as many sustainability measures as possible. We will manage the land and waste to minimize soil degradation, and to make best use of water. In the future, I will slowly move to solar power as backup for the poor grid service in my region, and to give me clean energy for my plant and equipment.


“From Field to Family”

Most of the rice consumed in Ghana is imported from Asia. I am confident that I can produce a high-quality premium brand product and gain local recognition through exceptional customer service. I have not yet decided on the final brand design.

Logo and Images

I will develop a logo after I have successfully registered my business.


Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana


I will have a small office where I will manage the business, but mostly I will be working on the land with my employees to ensure the crop is maintained in a healthy state, and that watering is done correctly. During harvest and processing this is a busy time and I will hire additional people to make sure everything is done on time, including deliveries.


My market is the local consumers. In Ghana, long distance transport of goods is a problem, and expensive. I am going to focus on servicing local consumers with a high-quality hand-processed premium brand product.

I will also have an e-commerce website that will allow for consumers to order product online, and to have it processed and shipped efficiently.

I will listen to the advice of my mentor and continue to learn how I can improve my business and to expand it in the future. This is an exciting time for me but I need your help please.


This project contains one or more elements of the 17 United Nations initiatives for sustainability.

My Qualifications

Graduate Diploma, Computer Science, Kumasi Technical University

Funding Required

The following summarizes my immediate need for cash so that I can proceed:

  • Business registration fees and registration of logos and trademarks, GHS1,000 or about USD250.
  • Hand tools including cutlasses, axes, and mattocks and herbicides and pesticides, GHS3,000 or about USD750.
  • Purchase price of the 3 acres of land and facilities, GHS6,000 or about USD1,500.
  • Storage facilities, GHS2,000 or about USD500.
  • Office equipment including computer, scanner, printer, furniture and supplies, GHS5,000 or about USD1,100.
  • Initial operating costs t cover outgoings before the first harvest, GHS4,000 or about USD900.

This is a total of GHS21,000 or about USD4,700.

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