Cassava Flour Production

Kwadwo Tuffuor Sarpong here. I hold a Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Psychology, University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana. My project is to produce high quality flour from offcut cassava chips from local famers. The flour can be used in food and nonfood applications. I aim to service local and international markets.

Kwadwo Suffour-Sarpong: Cassava Flour Production

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Project Objectives

My objective is to process the increased output of fresh cassava into High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) for industrial purposes. HQCF is basically a starch and is used in food and nonfood industries, and as a chemical raw material in plastics and the tanning of leather. Nonfood use of starches, such as coatings, sizings and adhesives, accounts for about 75 percent of the output of the commercial starch industry.

High quality cassava chips will be procured from the rural cassava growing areas and milled into flour. The production of HQCF will give cassava farmers a ready-market for their excess production hence improved incomes. The business will help reduce post-harvest losses, and encourage primary processing of fresh cassava into chips at the village level. Jobs will also be created at both the village and urban levels.


Quality Cassava Flour made in Ghana for Industrial Use.

Logo and Images

I am working on some ideas for the design of the branding that reflects the quality of the product. I will work with my mentor and others to finalize the brand that will be used for my business and for the product packaging. It will be good. The product will be promoted in international markets and I will engage a high branding strategy for these markets, as well as for local markets.


Goasa, Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana


The facility will be a factory which will be acquired and fitted out for efficient cassava flour production. I propose to also acquire the plant and equipment necessary for the operations from funds raised.


Wholesale locally (Ghana) and internationally (Europe, North America and Asia)


This project contains one or more elements of the 17 United Nations initiatives for sustainability.

I will be processing high quality cassava chips within a facility that has a high standard of quality and safety provisions. I am conscious of the importance of the use of sustainable development practices. Over time I propose to install solar power to support the unreliable national grid and to contribute to lowering our carbon contribution to the atmosphere. Other measures will be to use biodegradable packaging, efficient waste management strategies for organic and other materials, minimization of water consumption, and the implementation of waste water recycling.

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Psychology, University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana

Funding Required

My project requires the following funds:

  • Business registration, permits, and brand registration, GHS1,000 or about USD250.
  • Computers, scanner, printers and office supplies, GHS5,000 or about USD1,100.
  • Sundry factory items, GHS1,000 or about USD250.
  • Building, GHS 15,000 or about USD3,500.
  • Cassava processing equipment, grater, dewatering and drying, milling, packaging and stitching equipment, GHS15,300 or about USD3,400.
  • Operating costs for the first 3 months, GHS3,000 or about USD700.

This totals GHS40,300 or about USD9,000.

I look forward to your help.

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