Production and Marketing of Unisex Garments and Fashion Accessories

I am Mavis Ampong-Fordjour and I love fashion and the colourful fabrics of West Africa. I hold a Bachelor of Fashion and Textiles Design degree from the University of Winneba in Ghana. I am designing a range of exciting clothes with new and innovative designs using these fabrics with matching accessories.

Mavis Ampong-Fordjour: Production and marketing of unisex garments and fashion accessories

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Project Objectives

I am seeking to produce a range of exciting clothes with new and innovative designs using wonderful bright African prints to fit the specific measurements of clients. I will also produce a range of fashion accessories including bags, shoes and jewellery. The clothes and accessories will be affordable while reflecting high quality.

My website will display my full range of products, and with e-commerce I can sell them to customers all over Africa and the world. If you have never seen the beautiful African prints you will be in for a surprise.


Nouveau look, promoting traditional African prints.

Logo and Images

Not yet.


My business will be in Ausuoyeboa in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, northwest of Kumasi.


I have decided on a business premises where I will make the clothes, and present them for retail sale and wholesale distribution.


My products will be for young people. They will be artisans, celebrities, public figures, actors, performers, politicians and even civil servants (they love to look great too).

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Fashion and Textiles Design, University of Winneba, Ghana

Funding Required

I have made some progress in my funding. A couple of friends have invested in my project. I have already acquired a hand sewing machine and have started sewing for some clients. But for the time being, I am sewing in my room and I am keen to get into premises, and to open a shopfront where I can display my products, and to show the world that I am here, I am working and I am ready to do business.

I am seeking funds to commence my business. These costs include:

  • Government fees for business registration, and logo and brand registration, GHS2,000 or about USD 500.
  • Rent for my shop and workshop. In Ghana we have to pay upfront to the landlord for rent for the whole rental period, this is GHS15,000 or about USD750.
  • Fixtures and furniture, GHS2,000 or about USD450.
  • Dress forms, mannequins, and hat blocks, GHS700 or about USD60.
  • Two industrial sewing machines, GHS2,000 or about USD450.
  • Three electric sewing machines, GHS 16,500 or about USD3,600.
  • One neatening machine, GHS1,000 or about USD225.
  • Two steam irons, GHS240 or about USD50.
  • One embroidery machine, GHS 1,000 or about USD225.
  • Initial stock of prints and accessory hardware, GHS2,000 or about USD450.

This totals GHS42,440 or about USD9,500.

I know it’s a lot, but I need your help please to start. I will work hard to make you proud of me.

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