Corn Farming

I am Pascal Agbadi and I hold a BA (Ghana) and a MPhil (Norway). I wish to grow corn on 580 acres in the famous Volta Region. I will outsource the heavy machinery part of the business so that I can concentrate on producing great quality corn for local and international markets.

Pascal Agbadi: Corn Farming

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Project Objectives

I have reached agreement to lease 580 acres of good land for the purposes of corn farming, and I am now seeking funding to put that land into production for corn.

I am proposing to engage with Agro-Africa who are specialists in the entire production chain (planting, harvesting, and selling).

Agro-Africa has a track record of managing farm projects from start to finish. I have decided to engage Agro-Africa because they have the farm machinery and the experience in both equipment supply and project execution. This means I do not have to purchase the heavy equipment needed to prepare the land and to harvest the corn.

My role is to project manage the production of the corn on my land and to ensure the operation runs efficiently and profitably. This is my first startup operation and this approach maximizes the opportunity for success.



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The 580 acres are in the Volta Region, Ghana.


My facilities comprise the 580 acres of leased fertile land, and my office in Adenta.


My entire production will be sold through Agro-Africa at an agreed contractual price.


This project contains one or more elements of the 17 United Nations initiatives for sustainability.

I will manage my land in the most sustainable way possible to ensure the viability of the land for future crops.

My Qualifications

  • BA (Ghana)
  • MPhil (Norway)

Funding Required

To provide for the land preparation, planting and harvesting of my first corn crop, I will need, with your help please, the following funds:

  • Land preparation, GHS92,800 or about USD20,600.
  • Planting, GHS29,000 or about USD6,500.
  • Fertilizer and other spraying, GHS46,400 or about USD10,300.
  • Harvesting, GHS208,800 or about USD46,400.
  • Business registration and licenses, GHS1,000 or about USD220.
  • Rent for office space for first year, GHS10,000 or about USD2,200.
  • Office equipment and supplies, GHS8,500 or about USD1,900.
  • Land acquisition costs (lease costs start year 2), GHS12,500 or about USD2,800.

The total capital required is GHS409,000 or about USD91,000.

Thank you.

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